Daniel's story...

Published by Alex Bryan at 02:33pm on 23rd Aug 2016. Last modified at 02:31pm on 25th Nov 2016

*Daniel was placed in foster care at an early age after his Mum was unable to cope with him and his Dad had already left. Mum was an alcoholic and soon after Daniel was taken into care his mum disappeared, in his teens Daniel was asked to identify a woman’s body through photographs, it was not his mother but the trauma of this has stayed with him to this day especially since his mother has never been found. After leaving the care system Daniel went from pillar to post staying in various hostels. It was at one of these hostels that Daniel struck up a relationship with a young lady just slightly older than himself and she quickly became pregnant.

Soon after Daniel’s Son was born their relationship became volatile. Daniel became a victim of domestic Violence and became increasingly concerned about the welfare of his son.  Eventually he turned to the police to report his concerns and the police advised him that he would have to make a charge against his girlfriend in order to pursue custody of his son. Social services were involved and when his girlfriend became aware of what was happening she sent a gang of men to Daniel’s house and he was attacked on his doorstep, this was a particularly vicious attack resulting in stab wounds.

Scared for his life Daniel fled his home and Daniel is now in a happy relationship with his new partner/girlfriend and has a child and continues to seek a relationship with his older son.

Daniel told me that his past is catching up with him as he thinks about what has happened ‘’on the outside it looks like I am coping but inside is a different story’’ Daniel said he needs support in order to come to terms with his past experience as he wants to move on.

The TalentMatch team have been working with Daniel for 6 months and in this space of time he has been referred for counselling which he says is already helping him deal with his past and we are currently researching courses in barbering. We have also purchased Daniel a mobile phone as without this he is not contactable.

Daniel is hopeful for time’s ahead and feels that with our help he will be able to secure a strong future for his family.

*Names and places have been changed