High praise for the Youth Fed team in Halton; Working Futures


Our wonderful Working Futures team works in Halton on the Working Futures programme. The team works with young people who are not in education, training or employment and has received high praise from one of our partners from Runcorn Jobcentre. The Working Futures programme will be accepting referrals on the Wirral and in Halton until April.

“I am writing this letter today to let you know how much we appreciate the Youthfed Team with the level of their constant professionalism & outstanding customer service on a daily basis in which they deliver to our Runcorn Customers. Your staff never fail to support us & handle everything in which they collaborate in an, Attentive, Helpful & Discrete Manner which is imperative as we work with people from all ranges of age, all walks of life & who have different health conditions.

The Staff member who I have interacted with the most within the Runcorn job Centre was Rebecca Nixon, who should be recognised as valuable key to your team as she strives forward with any task unfazed with an extensive in depth knowledge & empathy which she transfers into helping our customers in a genuinely receptive way & builds fantastic relationships were she has supported customers moving closer & also into work countless times from my referrals over to her.

Due to your teams best efforts & hard work I have been able to help change customers lives and even break trends of households for the families who have always been unemployed & changed their families culture in which they see work.

This is an incredible achievement & shouldn’t go unrecognised we hope that YouthFed continue to provide an excellent service for years to come out of the Runcorn Job Centre. Please let Rebecca & Cheryl know as well other employees who attend Runcorn Office from YouthFed that their efforts haven’t gone unnoticed & that we appreciate the support they offer us. You have put together a fantastic team that makes customers fee respected & valued in every encounter you should be very proud of yourselves. I look forward to working with your team again in future.”

You can email the team with a referral or any questions via programme manager Natalie Garstang [email protected] or call head office on 0151-357 1971.

Well done Rebecca, Cheryl and all the team!!!