James’ Story


James was referred to his Talent Match Mentor as he was experiencing difficulties gaining work.


He was not happy at home, was experiencing financial difficulties, had low self-esteem and confidence issues.

James has been supported in a number of ways. We purchased a mobile phone so that he could be communicated with as he had pawned his own to get money for food. His Mum would often take his money, leaving him with little left for himself and he often went hungry. James received ongoing support from the Talent Match food bank at MYA’s head office in Liverpool.

James was diagnosed with mild Asperger’s at an early age and attended a specialist school as a child. Although desperate to live independently, James didn’t realise that he would have to furnish his flat or consider everyday costs such as bills, food and laundry. James agreed that, under the circumstances, he would benefit from support with living in a secure and safe environment in which he can get help with budgeting, cooking and other one-to-one support.

So far, James’ residency at his supported housing is going very well. James is content, eating well and is looking to improve his key skills. James’ Talent Match Mentor is working with him on his interview techniques and we have purchased some interview clothes for him. James strives to achieve every task set to him – ensuring to keep to appointment times with us and travelling to various interviews. He is currently waiting on the outcome of 2 interviews. We will keep you updated!