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This is Your Fed and we want to ensure all young people signed up to our programmes have access to all of the support you may need before and after your funded project. Beyond our programmes, we commit to helping you make the most of the skills you have gained, showcasing them and then getting yourself on the road to success.

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Do you know how commerce works?

Can you communicate using a variety of methods?

How do you view yourself?

Do you get on with your peers and work with them to get tasks completed, listening and respecting other people’s opinions?


Do you strive to achieve despite obstacles and keep going when things aren’t going to well? Can you make things happen by finding your own solutions?

Are you receptive to change and willing to adapt your plans to support your aims and the aims of others?

Can you find solutions without depending on other people.

Are you on time and able to prioritise your work?

Do you engage with your learning? Are you eager to find out new things?

Can you stand at the front and support other people to a goal? Setting an example as you go.

Can you communicate to other people and help them find solutions to their needs, whilst being polite and welcoming?

Take an idea and make it happen.

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Youth Clubs and volunteers ensure that we can run Youth Fed and provide so many fun and educational activities for young people in need across the North West. It all starts with you, if you get out there and make the difference, we can encourage our young people to do the same. Get out there today.

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